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Demonic Theory – Numeri’s in Demonic Hauntings

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Welcome to the first of our Ghost Bloggers, we've decided to add a few passing souls, who wanted to contribute with their own Ghost blog post. Our first author is Damon Penney, who featured Nigel and Juliette on his Demonologist UK podcast back on January 15th

Enjoy the post

When we look to demonic hauntings or demonic possessions, we always associate this with the number 666 but is this really what we should be looking for, in my opinion no. I have dealt with many demonic cases over my 9 years as a demonologist and still to this day I can count on one hand the amount of cases that have had an association with the number 666. It was only a few months back during the second lockdown in November when I decided to get my research and my case files out and explore these phenomena to see if the theory that I was contemplating could ring true.

When we look at the number 666 or even the number 6 regarding spiritualism, we get a vastly different picture. The number six when looking at the perspective of angel numbers refers to love and romance. Peoples who have the angel number 6 do not like to be on their own, in fact it states (depending on where you look) that these people thrive when working in a partnership or group. This does not sound to sinister to me, but neither are angel cards. In fact, it is going to be the last place for demonic activity or a correlation to be drawn.

In tarot the number six refers to domestic happiness and stability.

In astrology its is referred to as the favourite of all the sun numbers and people who have the astrology number 6 use their own positive attributes to help others.

Once again these are all positive sides to the number six.

It was at this point I decided to delve deeper into the negative side of the number six to find a correlation between the number 6 and the demonic. I could only find one negative correlation to number 6 or the number 666 and demonic phenomena. I found what Is called “the mark of the beast”. This is the biblical term given to Satan in revelations chapter 13 verse 18 - “Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is 666."

I will not lie my research was not as extensive at this present time as I am halfway through writing my first book, Demonology – My Perspective.

This got me thinking as to why the number 666 is associated with the devil or Satan and why when the numbers are mentioned most people turn to this analogy. My conclusion was “Hollywood”. Since the time that I can remember and the start of anything paranormal in Hollywood we are sent off on an unrelated tangent that leads us to believe 666 is the devil. Every victim in a Hollywood paranormal flick has 666 flashed before them or written in blood and the walls. Every negative or demonic haunting phenomenon detailed in a Hollywood flick has an over exaggerated scene or scenes that drastically highlights the number 666, whether it written on the mirror or carved into the skin of the victim. Hollywood leads us to believe in this 666 is related to the devil. This has been inadvertently written into our culture and has become the normal reality to this number.

Now I haven’t looked into every cult or religion that associates with the darker side but I think its ok to assume that they are going to use the number 666 very frequently in rituals and ceremonies. If we look at the nostix religion (not completely sure of the spelling) which is a religion of old, there is no mention of that number. For those who are not familiar with the nostix religion it is the complete invert of the Catholic or Christian teachings. They teach that the devil was the saviour and offered Adam and Eve the apple to give them the knowledge to escape this prison planet. They see god the negative force as he was trying to keep them on this prison planet and enslave humanity. my point being here if anyone would associate the number 6 with the devil it would be these guys and yet no mention of the number 6 in relation to the demonic or the devil himself.

Now I needed to test my theory and started my research into the number3.

I dedicated the same amount of research time to the number 3 as I did to the number 6 just make sure my opinion was not tainted or that the research was not tainted.

My theory is that the number 3 plays a whole bigger part than the number 666 in demonic Hauntings or demonic phenomena.

If we look at the biblical meaning of the number 3 it refers to the Holy Trinity as in The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit.

In Chinese mythology 3 represent the heavens, the earth and the afterlife. It represents the balance between the three different plains. When these three plains are in check life is balanced.

In ancient Egypt the number 3 is shown as a mark of completion, three being the whole number of when Ra, Isis and Anubis are combined. The point in which these three Egyptian gods would join, and the earth would be complete and balanced.

The number 3 is also seen as a very spiritual number and is mentioned in many folk tales including the three bears and the three little pigs. As we know folk tales follow traditions that have been carried out for years and some researchers do believe that these can hold key factors that still influence us to this very day.

In ancient Babylon we see the same pattern arising with the number 3. In ancient Babylon, the three primary gods were Anu, Bel (Baal), and Ea, representing Heaven, Earth, and the Abyss.

The last point which I completely overlooked was what is known as the “Witching Hour”. This is the time slot given to the point in which demonic and negative entities are at the very most powerful and normally refers to 3.33am.

The same defining pattern arises in my research. The number three if not refer to in a negative light it also seems to represent the three different plains in which we associate with that being Heaven Earth and Hell. This leads me to conclude that the number 3 is more of a defining mark of demonic phenomena than the number 666. This is almost like a number plate or ID card for the demonic force. An almost solid proof or identification that you are dealing with a demonic force.

The number 666 (the mark of the beast) is prevalent in some of the cases I have worked on, but I do believe this is done as a fear mongering exercise or to install fear on the unfortunate victim that has been chosen. We know demonic forces feed off fear and what better way to do that then use people own perception against them. By creating phenomena around the number 666 and making the victim believe they are dealing with the devil himself, this will generate the fear needed by the demonic entity.

Scratches in patterns of 3, 3 bangs and the number 3 written on walls and mirrors. Could this be a mockery of the holy trinity? Maybe, it could be but are we looking at this from the wrong perspective. Could this be the demonic force identifying it origins and loyalty.

The third choice on most of the researched religions and civilizations was relating to hell or the underworld.

This is a working theory and I do believe that when working within the paranormal there is only so much that is cast in stone. A lot of emphasis when it comes to working with the paranormal is put on believe systems and experiences of others. This more than ever rings true in the world of demonology, where theory in some cases does trump fact. Its tried and tested theories and trials that are written about or that you have tried for yourself that could maybe work in some cases. We also must consider that every case is different in its own way, with its on hurdles and bumps on the way to the final goal.

There will be questions about this theory. There will be disagreements as well as agreements. The only thing I ask when you have come to this part of my writing is that you make your own mind. Whether you agree or disagree all I have to say is thank you for taking the time and reading this text.

By Damon Penney

The Demonologist UK....YouTube Channel

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