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RAF Bodney


Old WW2 airfields always tend to be interesting sites to investigate, sadly not many of them are left these days, having been turned into a myriad of other things..There are still a few around, and if you are careful, and get the right permission, you can access some of the remaining structures..We were fortunate to be able to get access to RAF Bodney, which still has a fairly complete control tower, and some other ruins.So braving the somewhat bumpy access road Nigel, Allison, Phil and Juliette headed over there, once again ,joining our friends from S.P.I.R.I.T Norwich, to take part in what turned out to be, a very entertaining investigation

 We have a pair of teaser compliments of Phil, and Nigel , if you want to see how entertaining the investigation was, we have helpfully provided the link to the Out There TV channel video, along with a link for some EVPs we caught on the night

...enjoy the show

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black 4 b 3.png
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On the night, Juliette kept on getting messages from a spirit she called James, him seemed desperate to get back to the base, she felt incredibly sad, saying that he had lost someone he loved.  Juliette was also getting really intense pains in her stomach

We alway research our sites, Nigel on this occasion dug very deeply into the USAAF archives from WW2, much to his surprise, he located the story of an officer called James, who had fallen in love with a local girl, he wanted to take her back to the USA when he returned home after the war, but she would not go

He tried time and time again, to return back to the UK, when he did manage to get here, he found out, that the girl had married a local man. This broke James' heart, and he returned to the USA, where he passed away a few short years later, from stomach cancer!!   was this the same person talking to Juliette?

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