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Juliette is a Psychic Paranormal Investigator for the group.  She had her first paranormal experience as a child, around the age of five and has always had a keen interest in the paranormal, UFOs, cryptozoology and technology since then.  


Juliette joined the Out There Team back in 2011. Since joining the team, Juliette has been actively investigating the paranormal and has had some very interesting experiences indeed! 


The team has really given her the opportunity to explore her psychic abilities in many different locations; thus enabling her to strengthen her capabilities and grow psychically. Although spiritual in nature, Juliette also has a keen interest in exploring the science behind the paranormal and is currently learning about quantum mechanics. 


Juliette has a strong marketing background and is therefore responsible for maintaining content on the group’s Instagram page.  She supports Nigel, on the group’s other social media sites and with website development,  Juliette also provides some very useful editing, and directing skills on the group's video content.

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