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Rackheath All Saints

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Often, we hear about possible sites, from other groups local to us, or from just stumbling across them online, and here is one example of that
. All Saints Church at Rackheath is  a site that we see mentioned quite often , Lots of local 
groups drop in here, and some of them have had some odd experiences, so of course ,we just had to give it a look
Nigel and 
Allison went over first to have a recce of the place, we  have included that video, so you can see what we do on this sort of visit .
After a fine meal at a local hostelry, no alcohol, plans were put in place and  Phil, Tracey, Juliette, Allison and Nigel made their way on over, for the investigation itself  ..

So did we have strange experiences too?...Well you'll have to watch the  investigation video, to find out !!

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