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Nigel has an active interest in  all aspects of the paranormal 

he has been for a number of years, avidly reading books, and surfing the net to expand

 His  knowledge of the subject.  Investigations were the next logical step 

for him, and he have been actively partaking in these for about 15 years, first of all with Gt Yarmouth Paranormal Investigations, and then in 2009, Nigel and Allison parted company with that team, to form OutThere Paranormal


Nigel prefers a more scientific approach to investigating, and he feels that this is the possibly the best way to get results, especially when they include elements of both audio and visual to back them up. However,  he is very interested  in the spiritual side too, and enjoys working with the sensitive members of the team, linking what they find with his own  in-depth research to get a complete picture.


Nigel  is especially interested in human belief systems, and he has an anthropology degree in Early Human Belief Systems, he finds it quite fascinating how our belief in certain things works, gods, ancestor worship and most importantly the paranormal, of course



Nigel’s position in the group covers a multitude of different tasks, the lead role means he tends to be the organiser for investigations, making sure the other group members are briefed, and a basic plan of operation is put together, so when we arrive we can swing into action. He is also responsible for adapting our approach on the night, so we can ensure we record as much data as possible.


Nigel is also responsible for the most of the group’s social; media prescence, and we are very active on FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube.we have our own YouTube TV channel, and Nigel enjoys nothing more than editing together our latest investigations to share with everyone on there.

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