Rougham Control Tower

All across Norfolk and Suffolk, there were a number of operational WW2 airfields, nearly all of them have gone now, but some elements survive still. The control tower at Rougham, in Suffolk, has been turned into a very good museum, and the venue has become quite popular for paranormal groups to investigate. We were fortunate to get an investigation booked ,but unfortunately all we have left from the night, is our FaceBook live feeds, as our other video was lost when we had a computer hard drive problem..We do however, have a few videos we can share with you, one short funny, just to show we do have a sense of humour, another video that tries to explain some rather odd noises that we heard , Phil from the group, went over with some of the S.P.I.R.I.T Norwich team, and he put together an investigation video for us.

We have also included a rather poignant video made by Nigel, to highlight the American crews who flew on bombing missions from the base during the war.