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Norfolk Tales-A County Steeped In Tradition

In a way, we are very fortunate to live in one of the most haunted counties in the uk, and there are a plethora of great spooky tales relating to Out There Paranormal's home county of Norfolk.

Just a quick glance at the above image, and you can see, there are a number of books written about the ghostly going ons. From way down south at Thetford, up to the North Norfolk coast at Hunstanton, stories have been told of long dead monks, strange black dogs, of dragons under bridges, murder most foul, and white women drifting around, looking for their lost loves.

Its always been a plan of mine, to look at some of these tales, and to bring them to life, and a while back, I started to film a series called "Tales of Haunted Norfolk", the idea being, to look at some of our local tales, tell the story itself, then carry out an investigation at the place where the tale takes place. It was a little adventurous on my part, as I am completely self taught in the art of filming, and editing video, learning most of what I know, from watching YouTube "How too.." videos!! Dragging poor Allison Harding from Out There, over to Acle, we put together "Burge's Pooling Blood", an old country tale of murder most horrid, that's re-enacted on the bridge every year

This first attempt, at telling the tale, then investigating afterwards, was well received, but it was a steep learning curve for me, I quickly found out, that there is an awful lot to do, and its not as simple as the YouTube videos made out. Saying that, important lessons were learnt, and new equipment purchased, to try and address some of the problems. A long time goes by, before I attempt another tale, this time round, its off to Bacton Woods, with Juliette Smith telling us the tale of "Bloody Will Suffolk", once again on the theme of murder most horrid..I seem to be attracted to these grisly tales!!

We follow the same format as before, tell the tale, then investigate at the site, and you can hopefully see, that in the time lapse between the two videos, my editing skills have improved a little bit. I still have a lot to learn, and once again, new equipment was purchased, ready for another tale to be filmed, and told

There are so many great tales to tell, from across Norfolk, and I have lined up a few more to share with you all, what tales to tell? Well now, we have Harbinger of Death in the shape of a spectral hound, we have a ghostly child who ate her dead parents, and a screaming monk, who betrayed his brethren monks...all lovely tales to tell, whilst sitting by a roaring fire...

Now of course all I need to do is, write the script, set out the shot sequence via a storyboard, pick a willing or even an unwilling victim to tell the tale, film the whole thing, edit it all together, and share it with you...oh how I wish there were more hours in the day see you all again soon...hopefully

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