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Website Workout

The joys of the current lockdown, has had its advantages, yes I know, a surprising thing to say, but it has meant that I have the time, and believe you me, there has been an awful lot of time to spare!! to finally get a new website sorted. So,where do I start with this tale? Websites, are they still considered that important, by paranormal groups? I was surprised to see just how many groups don't bother with an actual website. They rely quite heavily on social media, to get their output noticed, FaceBook I think, being the most important place to have a group presence, with YouTube, possibly the next most popular, mainly for the ability to share video content. Twitter and to a certain extent, Instagram, also have their uses as well, but websites do not appear to be high on the list of priorities of quite a few groups.

Out There has always had a website, of some description, from the very early days, we felt it was quite important, to have that presence on the internet, as a space to share what we do, and how we feel about the paranormal, we use the site to introduce the group to interested people, and also to introduce ourselves, we can also add all of our Social Media links to the site, and it becomes a hub point for everything we do..we think its a great asset to have.

So, excited about starting again, and having enlisted the help of Juliette from the group, I began the build. I wanted the new site to be like the old sites we used to have, full of information, rather than just a simple landing page ,and with Juliette providing all of her marketing experience to the task, we slowly constructed the latest incarnation.

To put content on the site, I trawled through my old computer files, and stumbled across the very first site that Out There had, and I wanted to share a bit of Out There history with you all.

I was so proud of that site, I had never attempted to build a site before, and took an absolute age to do it, teaching myself iWeb to construct it.

I also found these fresh faced individuals hiding in another file!!!

feels like a lifetime ago now, but here we are, the original four members of the Out There Paranormal Team., Nigel Allison,Phil and Tracey....great memories of those early days, where we had not got a scooby what we were doing :-)

There you have it, a new era, a new website, and hopefully lots of new adventures.

There is still a lot to add to the site, it will always be a work in progress, constantly changing, as we add our new investigations, and videos...I'm really rather fond of it already, and looking forwards to seeing how it grows, over the next few years.

All you need to do folks, is pop on over and give it a visit, the investigations tab, is well worth a click, if i say so myself !!!

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