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The Things I Used To Do!

I was hunting through my computer files, desperately trying to locate an image I wanted to use, yes I know,I really should, label my stuff, and organise everything into folders that actually make sense, and I promise that I will do that...soonish!!! Anyway, back to the post. As always, when I begin to rummage, its not long before I get distracted, having the attention span of a goldfish, means I am often enticed down other avenues, the original task completely forgotten in all the excitement.

Well this time around, I stumbled across a dusty old PDF, languishing in the depths of my computer, and I thought, hey, why not share it.

A little background info perhaps, before we dive in, this little gem relates to our first ever investigation at St Benets abbey...As you can imagine, I was a little more excited about it all back then, and alongside my first ever investigation video (shared at the bottom of the article, if you want to torture yourself, with my early iMovie fumblings) I decided that putting investigation reports up on the fledgling Out There website, was the thing to do too. So, here it is, in all of its technicolour glory..enjoy 😂😂

As promised, the original St Benets Video, that goes with the above report.

Now looking at this little slice of early Out There nostalgia, got me thinking...why not do it again.

I already try to make a video of each investigation, when I can, but perhaps it would be nice, to include much more of the information we collate on the night, but don't tend to include in the videos

What do you all think?

Oh yes, and by the way, I never did find the image I was looking for, but I have found lots of material for some new blog posts !! 😜😂

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1 Comment

Ian Liston-Smith
Ian Liston-Smith
Jul 21, 2020

I think returning to that spot will be a good idea. Using the extra equipment available now.

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