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The Screaming Monk, Maybe!!

Never one to miss an opportunity, and finding ourselves with a free evening, myself, and Juliette from the Out There team decided to pack up a bit of kit, and hit a local haunted site, for an inpromptu investigation.

The destination of choice is St Marys church ruins at East Somerton, known as "The Witches Leg" its only a couple of miles up the road from my house, and perfect for a practise run, so we pack our gear into Juliette's car, and hit the road.

The Witches Leg, at St Marys Church, East Somerton

Upon arrival, its quite obvious that there is another paranormal group already at the site. We decide not to disturb their investigation, we sit in the car, and plan our next move. We consider a couple of alternatives, and eventually decide to head to St Benets Abbey, its a 20 minute drive away, and a great location on a good night.

What followed, turned out to be , one of the best investigations we have had in a while...Just goes to show, sometimes an impromptu action, can provide more evidence, than a lot of very careful planning!!!

As we didn't have Allison with us on the night, we are not able to share her extensive notes with you all, but we did manage to film, and what follows is our video of the evening's spooky entertainment

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