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Station 142 Deopham Green.....The Investigations

July 31st 2020 and August 6th 2020

It's a warm Friday evening as we pick our way down country roads in the wilds of Norfolk. We are trying to find a place that Juliette has visited just once in the dark after being taken there by some friends for an impromptu investigation.

Juliette spots something that looks familiar up ahead, so we pull over onto a large area of concrete, park the car and get out to look a little further. Under some trees stands a brick monument we walk over to have a look reading the inscription the realisation hits, we have managed to find our final destination for this evening's investigation.

We ready an iPhone to go live on our FaceBook group, and I look across at Juliette, no need to ask, she already knows what I want to find out, and with a knowing smile she says "yes, they are here".

Welcome to the second Ghost Airfield post about Station 142 at Deopham Green, this article will be looking at the investigation and cover some of the things we have left out of the two videos around this particular investigation.

As I have said before, video is a great tool to showcase what happens on an Out There Paranormal investigation, however our audience may not be too excited by the more mundane aspects of what we do.

We intend to share as much detail as we can, some of it you may ask yourself, why do they record that? We feel it is vitally important to cover all aspects, even looking at such items as solar weather and the moon phase. By meticulous recording, we can spot patterns and then try to ascertain if there is anything around them that could explain events.

It is critical to analyse everything because there are different aspects to every narrative.

We try to look at all the possibilities and offer explanations whenever possible, giving all the alternatives so the casual viewer can form their own opinion.

On an investigation, the excitement can get the better of you, and It’s easy to miss phenomena on the night and realise on reviewing your recordings, that some of what you caught on the investigation is relevant to how events unfolded, very apt on this occasion, as you will discover later on.

Part one covered the location itself, with a little background history to introduce you to Station 142, Deopham Green, and the 452nd Bomb Group that were stationed there, this post is going to look at the investigation itself, so lets get started, and show you the equipment we used on the two investigations we undertook there.

Equipment used

These are the items we used on the two investigations at Deopham Green, we will not be going into too much detail about how each item works, as it would end up being a very involved, and somewhat boring post.

P-SB11, spirit box, EVP,
P-SB11 Spirit Box


This device scans very rapidly through radio frequencies, producing white noise, and static, that spirit is meant to be able to manipulate into words and short phrases

K2 Meter

K2 Meter

Used to detect background EMF, there is a theory that spirit can produce EMF spikes, and this can be an indicator that there is spirit present..Groups also try to get spirit to respond to closed yes and no questions by flashing the lights.

Mel-8704-R meter

Mel-8704-R Meter

A more advanced EMF meter, which will also show fluctuations in EMF as they occur, its capable of recorded the changes over a set period of time, and it can also measure ambient temperature, very useful especially if both the EMF and temperature start to change at exactly the same time.


REM stands for Radiating Electro-Magneticity. This device generates its own ElectroMagnetic field around the aerial, if another corresponding EM field enters this zone, it triggers an alarm sound, with flashing lights..this is a home made version, built from a Junior Theramin kit, and it works just as well as its more expensive counterparts.

Zoom H2N Digital Recorder

Zoom H2N

We use these digital recording devices, when we are running calling out sessions to see if we pick up any EVPs.They are also very handy for recording any other experiences we have, I have often dictated information into one, in case its forgotten about later.

Sony AX33 Camcorder

Sony AX33 Camcorder

This is our primary video camera, its not converted to full spectrum, but it does have a very good NightShot mode, and used in conjunction with an IR illuminator light, it enables us to capture footage in total darkness.

We find it a lot more useful to have a camera with a dedicated night vision ability, than to use a full spectrum conversion, as it means we can use the camera to film everything

It films in 4K so we can get some amazing video, and is very easy to set up and use. We also shoot lots of footage on our mobile phones, as we use then to broadcast live on FaceBook so our group members on there can interact with us. Nigel and Juliette both have iPhones, and the cameras on these also shoot in 4K.

Not as much kit as we would normally use, but as the investigations took place entirely outdoors, we were limited to using hand held kit, that runs on battery power.

Investigation 1, Friday 31st July 2020 ,start time 7.30pm

Background Information


Warm and dry, storms in the area, possibility of light showers later in the evening, cloudy.

Temp had been a lot warmer during the day, as high as 29C

Barometer ,1011mb falling.

Wind, South to South Westerly 9 to 10 mph

Humidity, 82 to 84%


Phase Details For - July 31

Phase: Waxing Gibbous Illumination: 89% Moon Age: 11.58 days Moon Angle: 0.53 Moon Distance: 376,115.80 km Sun Angle: 0.53 Sun Distance: 151,835,702.55 km

Space Weather;

Solar wind

speed: 352.0 km/sec

Coronal Hole 31st July

density: 8.0 protons/cm3

X-ray Solar Flares

6-hr max: A3 2151 UT Jul31

24-hr: A8 1312 UT Jul31

Sunspots 2 AR2767 and AR2768 are both members of Solar Cycle 25. We know this because of their magnetic polarity, which is reversed compared to sunspots from old Solar Cycle 24.

Coronal holes appeared, solar wind from this could hit the earth by 2nd August

For those of you interested in EMF levels Background level from MEL was 0.1mG no EMF spikes recorded on this device

K2 was mostly flat, but we did experience random shifts to orange 10 to 20 mG, with no apparent outside influence.

I have included the background information that I record for every investigation we undertake.

It's important to include as much data regarding any possible outside influences as they may be a contributing factor to any phenomena we experience in the investigations.

I think perhaps a link to the investigation video might be a good idea at this point. I encourage you to watch it as you can see some of the phenomena mentioned in this article taking place during the investigation.

The Investigations

To help the reader to understand the site itself, and to be able to place the events described, I have included the image below.

We will look at each location in turn and list the experiences we had at each one. Wherever possible, a rational explanation is offered, giving the casual reader the chance to form their own opinions on what we experienced.

Both Nigel and Juliette had a number of different experiences on the investigations. To help clarify who had each experience,I have marked them with a (J) or an (N).

If they both experienced the same thing then (B0) for both is used.

1.Memorial Site

Group of figures seen (J)

The first experience, and a recurring theme throughout the investigation. Juliette saw what appeared to be a group of men just standing watching. They were wearing uniforms, and items of flying kit. These figures would be seen at other locations as we moved around the site.

Low murmuring voices (B)

Both Juliette and Nigel heard what sounded like low voices talking, background noise but definitely distinguishable as voices. They were not able to pick out any specific words or detail.

Aircraft engine noises (B)

The sound of aircraft engines was picked up by Nigel and Juliette, the sound was a subtle drone, almost as if we were on the plane itself

Footsteps on the road (N)

Whilst. Standing by the memorial, Nigel heard what sounded like a series of footsteps on the road behind him.

Shadow figure (N)

Nigel saw what appeared to be a shadow figure standing next to the monument. The figure was only there for a couple of seconds in his peripheral vision.

Repeat of singing (J)

On the final visit to the site, Juliette was sound checking her microphone by singing, and she heard a voice repeat the song back to her.

Female voices (J)

Also on our final visit, Juliette heard what seemed to be female voices talking as we walked at the back of the memorial site.


Let us take a look at this series of events and run through some possible explanations.

First, and most importantly, we have no video, photographic or audio evidence for this section, all of which would be preferable as possible proof of what we both picked up on the investigations.

The experiences are mainly personal, but both Nigel and Juliette picked up on the same thing on a couple of occasions. Their experiences, however, could be put down to one person leading the other. For example, one person said, "did you hear that? Sounded like aeroplane engines" the other party then listens, and because that idea is in their head, they think they hear the noise too.

To avoid this issue, we try very hard not to influence each other. On this occasion, we independently witnessed the sounds mentioned.

The shadow figure and footsteps seen and heard by Nigel can also be easily explained.

Again it's down to our readers as to what they believe they witnessed. The footsteps could be down to auditory Apophenia.

A noise heard nothing seen to explain the sound. Our brains try to identify a familiar pattern in unidentified sounds. A sound perceived by Nigel as footsteps. The kind of sound he would find familiar.

Our vision can work in the same fashion, with our brains trying to see patterns in irregular shapes. The term given to this is Pareidolia. The most common form seen is faces and human figures, as we are programmed from an early age to identify these images. What Nigel may have seen was just a random pattern of shadow images that his brain then formed into the shape of a person. It's not that simple though as you will see when we continue to look at their experiences. The shadow figures become very relevant indeed later on.

Juliette is more psychically tuned in and can see and hear things that other people do not. Whether you choose to believe what she says or decide it's just an invention on her part is entirely down to the individual. However, as we work our way through the investigation experiences, you will see that some of what Juliette sees and hears becomes more relevant as everything begins to unwind. Instead of just casting her experiences to one side, I would suggest waiting until we have gone through all of the evidence and then make your decision.

2.Runway Junction.

Spirit box session(B)

We set up the P-SB11 and asked a few questions. We had a number of responses that answered our questions. We asked "what would you like us to do?", and got the reply "stay" and 'help us".

Vision of a crash (J)

Juliette had a number of confusing flash visions, a cracked windscreen, propellers spinning, smoke and flames, with a sense of panic. She was looking around trying to make some sense of what she was seeing.

Figure group (J)

Juliette saw the group of figures seen at the memorial site again.They appeared to be just watching us.

Car tapping (B)

As we were about to leave this site, and move on to look at some buildings, both Nigel and Juliette heard a very distinct tapping noise on the body of the car. It was almost as if someone or something was trying to attract their attention.


As before, let’s take each event in turn and run through some possible explanations.

First of all, the spirit box session. There is an element of doubt regarding these devices because of the way they operate. We are programmed to identify familiar sounds, the sound we recognise the most is the human voice. The radio channel skipping of the spirit box generates white noise with random snippets of recognisable sound. We hear these snippets and then try to make sense out of them. We are already primed for a response, as we have asked a question. We hear a sound and can interpret it as a relevant answer.

Our experiences with the spirit box were quite compelling. We asked a series of relevant questions and noted any answers we receive. On checking back, we realised that many of the replies tied in with the experiences we had.

The car tapping incident is an excellent example of this. During a spirit box session, we asked what they would like us to do? The response was to stay and help us. We continued with the session and picked up some names and other relevant details.

As we prepared to leave, there was a loud tapping noise on the door of the car. The tapping noise was not random, it had a pattern to it, the sound of someone knocking on a door. It felt as if someone was trying to attract our attention to stop us from leaving that place. Remember the Spirit box producing what sounded like, "stay" and "help us", a plea for us to remain perhaps?

Juliette's confusing series of images may have been a replay of a crash landing. Flying bombing missions over the Third Reich was dangerous. Many planes received heavy damage during these raids. Limping back to their home bases and crash landing when they got there. Was Juliette experiencing a residual memory from one of these incidents?

Main Runway

K2 Responses (B)

We were walking around a patch of concrete, when the K2 started to flash. Juliette began to ask questions, and the K2 flashed in response.

Spirit Box and Voices(B)

We ran a spirit box session after the K2 reacted. A number of words came through including the name Steve again. Juliette picked up on some voices, that sounded Russian.

Shadow Figure (J)

Nigel and Juliette were both sat in the car about to leave the area, and Juliette saw what appeared to be a shadow figure of a man watching us. We both got out to check, and noticed a sudden change of temperature in the area where the figure was seen.

Shadows in the Road (B)

Nigel and Juliette both witnessed a series of shadows moving across the road, the first shadow was seen whilst we were outside looking for the shadow figure. We both sat back in the car and watched a series of shadows moving in front of the car.


An awful lot happened here, on this tiny patch of concrete! Let us take each event as noted above. The K2 response, yes everyone knows that this meter can be very flaky around other electrical items, even being set off by wiring in a wall. We took great care to ensure that our mobile phones were nowhere near the meter. We also tested it against all the other equipment we had deployed, including the FitBit device that Juliette was wearing on her wrist. There were no overhead power cables in the vicinity. We could not confirm, if there was anything underground but felt it would not set the meter off. The K2 illuminated the orange LED at 10 to 20 mG and responded to questions.

The spirit box session was very interesting, there were a number of random words, including the name Steve again. The most unusual word was Njet, Russian for no. Juliette had picked up on some voices that she thought sounded like Russians. The answer Njet came up as she asked the question, "are there any Germans here"!

The shadow figure was the starting point for a series of really quite fascinating events. Juliette noticed the shadow as we were about to leave the area. Strange events happening as we moved from one location to another was a recurring theme in the investigation. We got out to check where the figure was spotted. Juliette felt a surge of energy that made the hair on her arms stand up, and we noticed a sudden drop in temperature. We moved back towards the car and began to call out to see if we could get a response. Juliette felt something touch her shoulder. At that moment, Nigel saw a shadow pass behind her. This entire event was captured on camera. We sat in the car and began to plan our next move. Looking out of the window, Nigel saw a large shadow pass in front of the car. He pointed this out to Juliette. What followed was some of the most compelling evidence we have ever captured. The shadows continued to move past the front of the car. Some of them looked like figures, whilst others resembled the slowly turning blades of a propellor. We were broadcasting live on faceBook at the time. The shadows being witnessed by several viewers.

We managed to capture the event on camera, and we recommend checking out the investigation video to understand what we saw.

Nigel and Juliette both attempted to debunk what they had seen. We checked for insects, as this was a possibility. We checked behind the car to see if there was anything there to throw the shadows and found nothing. We honestly felt we had captured something quite extraordinary.

Return Visit.Friday August 7th 2020

After our first investigation at Deopham Green, we felt we had unfinished business, many questions left unanswered. Juliette wanted to return as she felt there was spirit there that needed help.

On Friday August 7th, a week after our first visit, we returned to Deopham Green. Rather than type another essay, we felt that this video, which was broadcast live on our facebook group, was the perfect way to explain what happened on that visit.

In an attempt to round up the investigations, we made a third visit to tie up loose ends, and capture some B-roll footage for another video. The visit was made during daylight hours, 10am on a Thursday morning to be precise. On this visit, Juliette and Nigel had more experiences, subtle background events this time. Deopham Green has this atmosphere, you constantly sense the history from the site.

Its calm, and peaceful, and a wonderful place to just wander around and think of what went on there during WW2

This is the second video about our return to Station 142. Once again we recommend you watch it, as it touches on the second and third visits, and we try to explain some of our experiences.

Of course, the investigations are just part of what we do. We carefully go through the videos and any sound recordings taken, to see what we have captured.

We also go through our notes to see what else we picked up, and more research is done to try and link our findings to any historical facts. Many long hours are spent gathering evidence, to help us put forward our findings. We take all of our investigations quite seriously. You may see the more jovial side of our nature, as we thoroughly enjoy visiting sites. We also love to share our experiences with you. We ask no more than for you to look at what we find, and then form your own opinions as to its authenticity. What did we find, was it paranormal? We shall let you decide.

Thank you for taking the time to read the notes, and watch the videos. We really hope you have enjoyed the first of our "Ghost Airfields" adventures We will be back Out There investigating very soon, and once again we are looking forwards to sharing what we find with you all. On a last note, we would like to share this final video. Please take the time to watch it

In case anyone is interested, all of the live feeds from the investigation are in our media section of the Out There Facebook group. I have included the links if you want to watch them. They are in chronological order.

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