Station 142 Deopham Green.....The Investigations

July 31st 2020 and August 6th 2020

It's a warm Friday evening as we pick our way down country roads in the wilds of Norfolk. We are trying to find a place that Juliette has visited just once in the dark after being taken there by some friends for an impromptu investigation.

Juliette spots something that looks familiar up ahead, so we pull over onto a large area of concrete, park the car and get out to look a little further. Under some trees stands a brick monument we walk over to have a look reading the inscription the realisation hits, we have managed to find our final destination for this evening's investigation.

We ready an iPhone to go live on our FaceBook group, and I look across at Juliette, no need to ask, she already knows what I want to find out, and with a knowing smile she says "yes, they are here".

Welcome to the second Ghost Airfield post about Station 142 at Deopham Green, this article will be looking at the investigation and cover some of the things we have left out of the two videos around this particular investigation.

As I have said before, video is a great tool to showcase what happens on an Out There Paranormal investigation, however our audience may not be too excited by the more mundane aspects of what we do.

We intend to share as much detail as we can, some of it you may ask yourself, why do they record that? We feel it is vitally important to cover all aspects, even looking at such items as solar weather and the moon phase. By meticulous recording, we can spot patterns and then try to ascertain if there is anything around them that could explain events.

It is critical to analyse everything because there are different aspects to every narrative.

We try to look at all the possibilities and offer explanations whenever possible, giving all the alternatives so the casual viewer can form their own opinion.

On an investigation, the excitement can get the better of you, and It’s easy to miss phenomena on the night and realise on reviewing your recordings, that some of what you caught on the investigation is relevant to how events unfolded, very apt on this occasion, as you will discover later on.

Part one covered the location itself, with a little background history to introduce you to Station 142, Deopham Green, and the 452nd Bomb Group that were stationed there, this post is going to look at the investigation itself, so lets get started, and show you the equipment we used on the two investigations we undertook there.

Equipment used

These are the items we used on the two investigations at Deopham Green, we will not be going into too much detail about how each item works, as it would end up being a very involved, and somewhat boring post.

P-SB11, spirit box, EVP,
P-SB11 Spirit Box


This device scans very rapidly through radio frequencies, producing white noise, and static, that spirit is meant to be able to manipulate into words and short phrases

K2 Meter

K2 Meter

Used to detect background EMF, there is a theory that spirit can produce EMF spikes, and this can be an indicator that there is spirit present..Groups also try to get spirit to respond to closed yes and no questions by flashing the lights.

Mel-8704-R meter

Mel-8704-R Meter

A more advanced EMF meter, which will also show fluctuations in EMF as they occur, its capable of recorded the changes over a set period of time, and it can also measure ambient temperature, very useful especially if both the EMF and temperature start to change at exactly the same time.


REM stands for Radiating Electro-Magneticity. This device generates its own ElectroMagnetic field around the aerial, if another corresponding EM field enters this zone, it triggers an alarm sound, with flashing lights..this is a home made version, built from a Junior Theramin kit, and it works just as well as its more expensive counterparts.

Zoom H2N Digital Recorder

Zoom H2N

We use these digital recording devices, when we are running calling out sessions to see if we pick up any EVPs.They are also very handy for recording any other experiences we have, I have often dictated information into one, in case its forgotten about later.

Sony AX33 Camcorder

Sony AX33 Camcorder

This is our primary video camera, its not converted to full spectrum, but it does have a very good NightShot mode, and used in conjunction with an IR illuminator light, it enables us to capture footage in tota