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Remembrance of a childhood haunting in East Anglia

Juliette Smith, delves into the spiritual occurrences of her childhood, which ultimately lead her into the world of paranormal investigation

I am a Psychic and work with Out There Paranormal, a paranormal investigation group, based in East Anglia. We are a small team of 5, who investigate claims of ghosts, hauntings and other paranormal activity.

Many people have often asked me how I got involved or indeed interested in the paranormal field. From an early age, I’ve always had a keen fascination in all things paranormal and have experienced various happenings which I cannot explain. These childhood experiences, have lead me on a quest to find out whether there really is paranormal activity “out there”.

My first experience of the paranormal commenced when I was 6 years old. My father purchased a beautiful old farmhouse, built in the 1700s. The property was surrounded by fields and set in the countryside in a village on the outskirts of Great Yarmouth. Following the purchase, a local villager approached my father and warned him about the farmhouse, claiming there had been violent paranormal activity occurring; doors slamming by themselves, frequent unexplained noises and artefacts flying across the room.

I had a number of very different paranormal experiences in this beautiful house, which, to this day, I still cannot explain.

One experience occurred late one evening when I was six years old. I awoke to the sound of a woman crying. I climbed out of my bed to investigate who, or indeed what, was causing the sound. I tip-toed across my bedroom, walked along the long, sweeping, upstairs landing and discovered that the sound appeared to be emanating from the small upstairs spare bedroom which looked out onto the front of the property.

Upon entering the small room, I noticed it was noticeably colder than the other rooms within the house and could see my breath as I exhaled. The crying sound continued and as I glanced towards the middle of the room adjacent to the window, I saw a whitish-coloured silhouette of a woman sitting crying, holding her head in her hands. There was also an outline of a baby’s rocking cot beside her.

I stood there, shivering in my nightdress, watching the outlines with curiosity. However, oddly didn’t feel frightened or unnerved. I felt very calm and simply watched the silhouettes of the woman and the cot for a few minutes, before they both began to fade, as if smoke had dissipated or been sucked from the room.

For many years, I put this experience down to a dream. However, in my late teens I mentioned my strange occurrence to my parents. It was then explained to me that on many occasions during evenings within the house, my parents had heard a woman crying upstairs and would venture upstairs, to investigate the sound, only to find the noise had stopped and all was quiet.

Over the years, the farmhouse and been gradually extended and interestingly, all of the strange occurrences reported happened in the original parts of the building.

Upon further research into the property, Nigel Higgins, the group's lead investigator, unearthed the fact that this sad event occurred within the farmhouse. One of the families that lived there, had seven children, two of these children died very young, both before their second birthdays. Could I be seeing the poor mother of these children, grieving over her loss?

So? Was this experience a dream? Or was there more to it? Was it residual energy, left over from a harrowing event, which occurred at a particular time in this properties history?

Perhaps time will shed the secrets of this beautiful farmhouse and tell?

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