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Night Visitors

By Tracey Horn

Having sensed spirit from a young age, you’d think I wouldn’t be surprised ,or if I’m truthful, a little unnerved at some of the experiences that have followed me through the years . When I’m out with the gang “Out There Paranormal “, we are investigating so you expect the odd experience, if you’re lucky. At home you don’t expect it quite so often, but it can still leave you wondering...

This last week, I had two experiences , they seems to happen in blocks at home for some reason. I don’t ask for them to happen, nor am I expecting them, my house isn’t haunted regularly by the same spirit, or any other come to that, but strange things DO happen.

Here are the two things that happened within a few days of each other. ......

I was in bed, drifting off after a usual mundane day of the same old. I was asleep, but for how long I don’t know.

I was woken by a very bright white light, I couldn’t open my eyes, the light was too bright for me, so I kept them closed tight. I was saying “What’s going on, the light is hurting my eyes”, thinking my daughter was shining a torch, or her phone in my eyes, thinking about it, the light was far too bright and white. Then I felt the quilt being pulled down off me, from my feet, I kept pulling it up and , after a few times I held it tight , I firmly said, “look, go away, I want to sleep, I didn’t ask you to come here, if you want something ask me at a better time, but now you must go”.

Then the light slowly dissipated, and that was it.

The next day, I spoke to my daughter about it, I was about to ask if she came in my room and shone her phone in my face, of course,I knew she hadn’t, but that was my thinking at the time, my mind still half groggy from sleep),

I noticed her wide eyed look, and the colour draining from her face. I asked her what was up, when she said that exactly the same thing happened to her, except her light was more an Ultra Violet colour, very strange indeed !!!!!

A few nights later, again I’d just gone to bed, I’d only been laid down for all of 2 minutes, when the bag on the side of my bed started to make a noise like something plucking at it. I turned my head towards it, wondering what it was, when I heard a purring, then a tickle on my cheeks and a cold wet nose planted itself next to my nose, the sheet I as laying on was being gently paddled , you could hear the claws plucking, as with the bag , followed by more purring.

I said aloud, "who’s that? Which one of you little sods sneaked upstairs .I have 3 cats myself, but they aren’t allowed upstairs, in all of the years I have had them, they’ve never been upstairs.

I got out of bed and put the light on, couldn’t see any of them. I called my daughter to look under the bed, as I can’t due to my mobility problems.... There wasn’t any cat at all. We came downstairs to check, there they were, all asleep in their favourite places.

It was just another one of those unusual nights I seem to get a lot of.

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