Here We Go!!

Ok, so everyone has got one, so Out There have decided to add a blog of our own. We want to share some of our stories with you, and this is probably the best way to do it

Yes, its true, we are back investigating again

The gang of five returns, and this time we have a new face to introduce to you, and say farewell to one of the team. We are also undertaking a revamp of our website, and all of our social media channels, so things could be a bit flaky for a while!!

Hello, and Farewell

Say Hello to our new team member,

Say Hello to Ian, the latest person to join our team, I won't go into too many details just yet, but Ian brings a whole new element to our team, with his experience, knowledge, and expertise with all things electronic...good to have you on board sir.

Thanks for everything mate

A sad farewell to Phil Parry, one of the original founder members of the group, fondly remembered forms brilliant sense of humour, and camera handling skills, Phil brought that element of fun to the team He now has a young family to look after, and a lot of his time is taken up, with family matters, the door is never closed firmly shut on our team, and if Phil ever finds time in his mad schedule, for another investigation or two, he is always welcome back

Best of luck to you mate, we are all going to miss you, and please keep in touch.