Lights, Camera, Action

I often ask myself, why did I start this video malarkey?

I ask this mostly when I am struggling to complete an edit, when things are just not going to plan, often accompanied by various expletives that best remain untyped on here!!

We just happen to have this YouTube channel you see, think of it as a place for Out There to share our paranormal adventures with a wider audience, and, to be honest, I'm really rather proud of it

Over the years we have downloaded a selection of videos, some have stayed there, others have failed the test of time, and been consigned to the trash

Its not overloaded with stunning content for you to all enjoy, and I'm very conscious of this fact. There are so many subjects I want to make videos about, so many investigations I would love to film, but sadly it takes time to put together a video to the level I want to work to.

Stick with this folks, as I may ramble a bit to begin with, as always!!

To be perfectly frank, when you start to look at the viewing statistics and the number of subscribers we have, I do begin to ask myself "why do I bother? again

We have 284 subscribers, 284 people that are interested enough to press on that little red button on our channel.

There is something I should mention here, the number of subscribers is quite important on YouTube if we climb to the dizzy heights of having 1000 subscribers, we can do extra stuff on YouTube, like going live...very handy indeed

I started the Out There Paranormal TV channel way back in 2010, and over the last 11 years or so, we have had this many views

that looks quite impressive, big numbers there you may be thinking..sadly not.

Lets have a look at a popular paranormal channel, the figures shared here, are for one video, just one video folks!!

245,000 views, now thats big figures!.

Of course we are not Most Haunted, so its a bit of an unfair comparison. It does show however just how popular videos about paranormal investigation can be.

Surprisingly they only have 71500 subscribers, and you often find that people will happily watch your content, but not subscribe to your channel, which for a little channel like ours, is just so frustrating.

Of course its not all about numbers, I did not start the channel to see how many people would watch, I started the channel to share what Out There was up to, and because I actually enjoy making the videos, even if I do complain about them sometimes, make that a lot of the time!!.

I think what most people don't realise, is the amount of time and effort that goes into making a video for the channel, so I am going to share the process with you, in all of its gory detail, plus give you a little potted history of where I began on my video editing journey

Have a little watch of our latest production , to see how the videos generally look, and yes, I know that I'm shamelessly plugging again, but in this context I hope its acceptable, as the visuals will help with understanding this post 😊

There you go, the most recent video that I edited together, would you be surprised to hear that this 32 minute epic, took the grand total of 54 hours to put together, and edit!!!

Seriously thats how long it can take, sometimes the video can take even longer to complete.

The journey from idea to finished product, is a bit of a process, well it is to me, because I want our videos to have a certain quality to them, so I take a bit longer than most to edit them together. This approach has paid dividends, because we now have our first ever video featured on Amazon Prime, an achievement I could never have imagined all those years ago, when I switched on my clunky old iMac desktop, and started messing about with iMovie.

Where do I begin, to explain the whole process?

As a certain song goes, we shall start at the very beginning, and take a look at the all the items I am currently using to produce the videos.


Of course to actually have some footage to edit, you are going to need a device to film it with! Over the years I have used a varied selection of cameras to film whilst out on an investigation, its ok, I will not be naming them all, or giving in-depth explanations about all of them.

The current filming weapon of choice, is a Sony AX33, which was used to film some of the footage in the "Return to Station 142" video above.

Yes it's a camcorder, nothing more technical than that, of course it's not a cheap one. I got this little beauty 2nd hand, I simply cannot afford to buy anything new, as decent kit is damn expensive.

Its a great camera, not too heavy to handle, incredibly easy to use, shoots in 4k resolution, which results in some lovely looking video, and it has dedicated Super Nightshot, which is just ace for filming the night time bits of investigations, coupled up with an IR illuminator, you can get some very clear night vision footage. All the night vision footage in the "Return to Station 142" video was shot with this particular camera

The other camera we use quite a lot is, believe it or not, is the camera built into your standard iPhone!!

Yes its true, you are armed with perfectly useable camera, just sitting there waiting to be used, and if your smartphone is relatively modern, then the camera is capable of shooting some very high quality footage for using in your videos.

We used the camera in Juliette's iPhone 8 to stream live footage onto our faceBook page,

and some of that footage found its way into the finished video. Juliette also used the phone to take a selection of very good still images and B-Roll footage, to be used in the video too.

Just remember though, if you are filming with a smartphone, whilst your team member is using a K2 meter, the smartphone will set the K2 off

! would love to go into the techniques of using cameras, about shot compositions and framing, I could also go into great depths about the importance of B-Roll footage, but that would most likely bore you even more than you may be already😂 Perhaps if this post proves popular, I can go into more depth about these things.

Right then folks, we have filmed our footage, where do we go now?

Hang on, missed a bit, quick rewind required, as usual I have got over excited, and forgotten something!!

I need to talk a little around storyboarding your video, so you can make sure you get the footage you need.

Whats a Storyboard? Ok, they are a technique used by filmmakers to, well basically, plan the format of their video, and how its going to run through.

The board can be as simple, or as complicated as you want..Hollywood movies have very elaborate boards to map out sections of footage

Guess what famous movie scene this board depicts?