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Burgh Castle Investigation

I have finally manage to finish the video for the Burgh Castle Investigation, and

thought it might be useful, to include Allison's investigation notes, so that interested parties can look at those, as well as view the video. so, here you are folks, we still have some recordings to go through, and if we find any EVPs or other strange sounds, we will be sure to share them with you too


DATE: 11th OCTOBER 2019

MOON PHASE: WAXING GIBBOUS (Gibbous refers to the shape, which is less than the full moon but larger than the semi circle shape of the moon)

Investigation started around 8.15pm

Found suitable spot for setting up various equipment and to use as a base.

Quick live feed to Facebook from Juliette.

Juliette and Tracey took themselves off for a walk to tune into the area and had on them their voice recorders to talk about any psychic happenings.


Nigel set up cameras and other equipment and filmed a short piece for the website. Ian set up a device for picking up sounds (vmf transmitter?).

Quiet location: fields, nearby river, no electricity nearby.

Ian said through his headphones the only sounds that he was picking up were cows, traffic and lightening, Ian’s device is very sensitive and picks up the slightest sound.

Tracey returned from her walk: Said that when she walked towards the river, she got the feeling that there had been some kind of tiny little settlement in that area, consisting of about 3 mud huts, chickens cows and the ground may have possibly been flatter. Tracey’s words were they could have been ‘nomads’? Said she had visions of a boy in sack cloth type clothing. Although she did say she was not sure if this vision what she had ‘seen’ was before or after the Roman settlement.

She also mentioned that during the walk through the field to get to the ruins, she felt as though there had been a hanging in that particular area.

Juliette returned from her walk: She had a weird experience.

She walked to a certain area around the edge of the castle near the boundary of the wall and experienced what she described as ‘something around my neck’. She said this made her eyes water. She moved a few steps away from the area and these feelings went away, as soon as she stepped back into the area again, all the feelings she had experienced before, returned. Juliette said even 5 minutes after the incident, she still experienced a sore throat.

It was decided that the group would head towards this particular area, taking various pieces of equipment to try out experiments.

At the spot, all phones were switched off. Nigel set up meters and recorders. He also prepared his video camera so Juliette could film him ‘calling out’.

THEN: Tracey started coughing. She said she had a brief moment of feeling “funny”, coughed, then she felt fine. According to the meters there appeared to be no activity to back up these weird feelings.

Nigel started calling out. At this point Juliette seemed to have problems with the camera. Nigel checked. The battery had totally drained flat! It was fully charged an hour before!!

Nigel switched the camera off then on again and this time it was showing as 64% charged! He showed Juliette the percentage but then they both watched it drain away before their eyes!

Juliette went live on Facebook to report our findings so far…

At this point there appeared to be nothing of significance affecting the equipment, but the battery camera was absolutely flat and Juliette felt weird again.

At this point Tracey said she wasn’t feeling anything out of the ordinary or had any strange sensations.

Nigel fetched his other camera and battery!


Still at the area of interest where Juliette had her weird experience. Tracey decided to go for a walk alone, further up along the boundary wall. A few minutes later she came back and reported that she did not pick anything up.

Part 1 of the Experiments:

Juliette filmed Nigel calling out in English. He spoke slowly and clearly and in short sentences. He encouraged the spirits to walk towards the meters to make them flash.

This took about 2 – 3 minutes.

Part 2 of the Experiments:

At this point the weather turned colder and it started drizzling.

Both Juliette and Nigel took it in turns to read out the same short questions in Latin, as the Roman Troops would often speak in this tongue.

At this point the rest of the group said they all felt peaceful.

Juliette did point out that when she was calling out in Latin, she felt powerful and authoritive. Latin is a strong language anyway.

Part 3 of the Experiments: Singapore Theory

Nigel played a recording of actual Latin being spoken (the conversation was from Rome Total War and Ceaser speaking to his troops after beating the Gauls in battle)

Juliette filmed Nigel playing the recording and I kept an eye on the meters. All of a sudden I saw the K2 meter light up and flash! And Juliette said she heard laughing.

Nigel then played part of the story of Baowolf in Anglo Saxon (old English).

Tracey said that even though it had been fairly ‘quiet’ when the conversations were being played in Latin and Old English, she felt muscle twinges in her skull. She also said that she ‘felt’ as though there were more people there than just us, as though spirits had ‘gathered’ to listen to the stories, which would have been exactly what would happen in those times. She said for the first time all evening she felt the chills. We resumed back to the carpark a little while later.

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